The VMC Mystic Match 7039B EWG Hooks come under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

EXTREMELY sharp, these new match hooks look like a very versatile pattern for pole and running line tactics, especially on commercials, whether you are targeting carp or skimmers.

The needle-sharp, wide gape, barbless designs, boasting a slightly inturned point, are available in sizes 10-18.

Their wire, gape and shape suit alot of baits, from maggots through to pellets, meat, corn and worms.

They come with a black nickel finish, making them less conspicuous than shiny designs, and anglers report that they are hooking fish perfectly, thanks to the hook’s shape and slightly inturned point.

The 7039Bs also look as if they’ll suit more natural venues, including rivers.

They are also available in a barbed (7039) design and slightly cheaper eyed (7009) and eyed barbless (7009B) formats, which will suit pellet waggler and feeder fishing. The eyed hooks also include a size 20.

Prices: £1.99 for ten; £3.99 for 25.

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