Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by the Korum Three Piece Feeder Rods. Check out his lowdown here…


KORUM have launched an extensive feeder rod range – eight rods from 11 to 13 ft in length with casting weights from 45 g up to 180 g.

Covering everything from an 11 ft Feeder (45 g casting weight) suitable for flicking a method set-up out to a close range island margin, through to a 120 g casting weight 12-footer perfect for longer range work on stillwaters and river fishing and handling silvers and better quality specimens, with everything in between.

The three 13-footers are distance feeder tools, the most powerful rod in the range being the 13 ft 180 g casting weight rod, that can easily punch big feeders out past the 100 m mark on stillwaters and rivers.

Offering crisp actions for improved casting and fish playing, all these rods come with three quivertips rated from light to heavy, or heavy to extra, extra heavy in the case of the 13 ft 180 grammer.

Whether it’s more of an all-rounder you’re looking for or a more specific tool for big rivers, big stillwaters. You should find it in this range.

Recommended for use with lines from 4-8 lb, in the two lighter models through to 6-10 lb in the other six designs.

Packing down to three-pieces including the tips for easy transport. They come with light gunsmoke guides and a slim hard EVA and hard cork handle with a screw down reel seat.

They’re all under £55 which is a great price.

Price: £44.99-£54.99.