Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard selected the best products that caught his eye during 2016. Here's his lowdown on the Korda Singlez ...

WANTING to come up with a ‘single bankstick’ system that’s evenly spaced and perfectly straight and aligned every time, Korda launched their Singlez system.

It looks a winner and it’s a tackle tart’s dream as they collaborated with stainless wizards JAG. It’s solid and stable too.

For fishing three rods, the system consists of two buzzer bars, six uprights, two spikes that go into the ground and two fixed stabilisers.

You use a separate T bar, which takes the force of pushing the whole lot into the ground, which you fix the spikes to.

You screw your spike to your buzzer bar, with the stabiliser attached first. Then add your three uprights to the buzzer bar, and use the pilot hole for the spike you have just made, and push or tap the stabiliser into the ground too, to lock everything in place.

You repeat everything for both buzzer bars; you might want to use an extension, also available for better purchase in soft ground, to be left with a rock solid system.

You can swap the front and back uprights round and adjust them for rod tips up or rod tips down. There are different length buzzer bars available too.

It’s a versatile system that can also be set-up to fish over paving slab or wooden bases too using a stage stand. Super stable, built to last and well tested.

Price: 2 rod system £246.78. 3 rod system £252.88. Extras from £12.