Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard selected the best products that caught his eye during 2016. Here's his lowdown on the Kodex Chod Rigs ...

A LOT of anglers find chod rigs tricky to tie for carp – here Kodex have done the job for you, and they’ve done it pretty well.

The GenomicMGP anti-glare 130-carbon microbarb chod hooks are sharp and ready to ‘bite’, with a nice wide gape.

The Shape-Shifter hook lengths boast a nice curve, with a 4 mm loop at the swivel end helping improve rig mechanics.

Attention has also been paid by Kodex to the D on the back of the hook to ensure it sits off the hook at the right height.

Using a matt black anti-glare 3.1 mm rig ring and size 11 Total-Flexi swivel to complete the rigs. There are Short, 1 in. or Long 3 in. ‘chods’ on offer.

Each hook size is matched to the correct breaking strain of Shape Shifter hook length material to help ensure a balanced presentation.

There are size 3 hooks to 20 lb, size 5 hooks to 20 lb and size 7 hooks to 15 lb Shape-Shifter. They do look like they’ll go in and stay in!

Price: £4.50 for three rigs.