The Dynamite Big Fish River Baits come under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

TO help get your season off to a flying start, Dynamite have launched an exciting Big Fish River bait range… and it’s already caught a lot of fish during field testing.

Designed to get barbel and chub ‘queuing up’ on rivers, there are two flavours to choose from – Cheese & Garlic, and Shrimp & Krill.

Packed with crushed and ground hemp, milled pellets and Marine halibut pellets, there’s a coarse groundbait mix, designed to get down to the riverbed quickly, drawing fish from downstream.

You’ll also find some matching boilie-style hook baits, called River Busters, which are bait-needle-friendly, leak flavour quickly and break down slowly in the water. There are also matching pastes, for wrapping around hook baits and leads, to increase attraction – very useful when searching swims.

The River Busters and paste use a fishmeal base mix with garlic powder, garam, turmeric and Robin Red. The Cheese & Garlic version contains garlic extract, turmeric and butyric acid – big fish stimulants with a proven track record.

The range also includes a fast-action Bait Soak, for groundbaits and pellets, which creates a flavour trail for fish to follow. It’s also PVA-friendly, so you can add it to PVA bags and sticks.

With the Dynamite head office being so close to the River Trent, it’s proved the perfect testing ground, but it’s likely to work on any barbel or chub river.

Prices: Groundbait £5.99 (1.8 kg); Hook baits £4.88 a tub; Paste £4.99 a tub; Bait Soak £4.99 (500 ml).

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