Tested by Dave Coster



A 0.50 gr Everest rig and a 0.60 gr Europa rig were selected for testing. The Everest float had a translucent hollow plastic tip and carbon stem with a body-down shape. It was shotted with a strung bulk and one dropper – finished with a 0.10 mm trace and an 18 hook. This rig required a bit of fine-tuning to dot the tip down. The streamlined Europa float rig revealed a simple strung bulk above a short 0.08 mm trace and 18 hook. The float’s stem was fitted with overlarge rubbers.
SCORE: 23/30


Rigs inspected included Caster (Canal Range) and On The Drop (Lake Range). The Caster rig had a 4×10 body-down shaped float with a cane tip and fibreglass stem, rigged up with slightly spread bulk shot above a short 2.5 lb trace and size 18 hook. The On The Drop Lake rig featured a similar 4×12 float and spread micro shot bulk, with a 2 lb trace and 18 hook. Both rigs dotted down perfectly in water, but the floats were prone to slipping due to only being anchored with two rubbers on their stems.
SCORE: 26/30


Streamlined Silver Fish rigs are available in 4×12 and 4×14 sizes, using slender bodied Napoli floats with cane tips and carbon stems. These have 3 lb main lines, 2 lb traces and size 18 barbless hooks. They are weighted with micro shot, comprising strung bulks and spread droppers. The lighter rig settled exactly right in a tank test, while the 4×14 tackle was under-shotted by a fair margin. Both floats required an extra float rubber on their stems to prevent slippage; otherwise they’re well formed rigs.
SCORE: 26/30


Polemaster Tuff Eye rigs are primarily aimed at the lighter side of commercial carp fishing, but their well-balanced nature also suits positive silver fish applications. Tuff Eye 2 body-down floats are virtually indestructible and have four interchangeable plastic tips. Testing 4×12 and 0.75 gr sizes revealed a small micro shot bulk and one dropper on the light rig, while the heavier one had an olivette and three droppers. Both tackles were perfectly weighted and extremely well made, featuring top quality components.
SCORE: 28/30


Carbo 1.5 gr and Lake 0.6 gr rigs were picked at random and both dotted down precisely to their sight tips when tank tested. The bulbous body Carbo had a peg-leg-style olivette, anchored with rubbers, and three spread dropper shot. Its 1 lb 14 oz trace and fine size 18 maggot hook is well suited to silver fish. The slightly more streamlined Lake float also had an olivette bulk and just two spread dropper shot below, ending with a 1 lb 8 oz trace and fine size 20 Carbon Barbless hook. These are top-notch rigs.
SCORE: 28/30



Magic Series 1,2, 3 and 6 rigs are designed for natural venues and a finer approach. A 1.5 gr Magic 2 rig had a bulbous, body-down float, a well-anchored olivette and three spread dropper shot. With its 0.11 mm trace and size 14 hook this is ideal for rivers and deep stillwaters, dotting down perfectly when tested. A more streamlined Series 3 float had a strung bulk and three spread droppers, finished with a 0.10 mm trace and size 16 hook. This, too, was shotted perfectly. These new rigs and floats are state of the art!
SCORE: 29/30

NOTE: All products tested November 2009. All prices correct at the time of going to Press. Angler’s Mail do not take responsibility for price or product changes or current availability.