Tested by Dave Coster


Streamlined body is finished with Maver’s trademark Black Ice marbled effect, having a carbon stem and a medium diameter plastic bristle. Sizes supplied ran from 0.1 gr to 0.5 gr, which are perfect for general pellet fishing on commercials, covering shallow to medium depths. These floats are nicely made and well balanced, suiting strung shotting or small, simple bulks set a few inches away from the hook. A great short line float when aiming to maximise hitting bites with 4 mm to 6 mm pellets, sweetcorn or small cubes of meat. Also robust enough for reasonably strong tackle.
SCORE: 27/30


A new pattern with a streamlined body-down shape, carbon stem and hollow plastic bristle. Sizes range from 0.10 gr to 1.5 gr, covering everything from shallow margins to deeper open water. Bodies are finished in Garbolino’s distinctive blue colours, while the medium diameter hollow tips stand out brilliantly in all conditions. This is the perfect float for coaxing lots of action with small pellet baits, also suiting sweetcorn and punched or diced luncheon meat. Generally works best with a small bulk and no droppers, or just one tell-tale shot when using a longer hook length. A tough performer.
SCORE: 27/30


Matt black bodies are streamlined with a hint of a body-up shape, combined with medium diameter hollow plastic bristles and long carbon stems. Sizes range from 0.10 gr to 0.4 gr, being aimed at shallow commercial fisheries and small carp, as their F1 name suggests. These are very well made pellet baggin’ floats and come into their own when slightly more finesse is required. They suit 0.12 mm to 0.14 mm rigs and medium pole elastics. The hollow tips are highly sensitive and show up brilliantly under all light conditions. Best used with slightly strung bulks or evenly spread loadings.
SCORE: 27/30


Neat rugby ball-shaped design with a medium solid plastic bristle and long carbon stem, available in 2×8, 3×8, 4×8 and 5×8 sizes. This float has a classy satin black finish and is a firm favourite with Fox Match stars Mark Pollard and Bob Nudd. The lightweight four sizes on offer suit shallow commercials perfectly. The long carbon stems offer tight control and allow versatile rigging, everything from strung weights to bulk set-ups. This robust float covers all match-style short-line pellet, corn or meat fishing, along with presenting firm old favourites such as maggots, worm and casters.
SCORE: 28/30


Streamlined rugby ball-shaped bodies are finished in matt black and silver with medium carbon stems and hollow plastic tips. The latter almost glow, and are highly visible in all conditions, having a medium diameter, which is ideal for general pellet fishing. Sizes range from 4×8 to 4×14, being aimed at shallow-set rigs for carp, with baits such as pellets, corn and meat. These floats are robust and can handle 0.12 mm to 0.18 mm lines in conjunction with medium to strong pole elastics. Rigging wise, they suit strung or bulk weights, covering on-the-drop, up-in-the-water, or full-depth presentation.
SCORE: 28/30



Slim-bodied design with unusual painted nylon tips and fine carbon stems. Ranging from 0.2 gr to 0.6 gr, this float is aimed at on-the-drop presentation and shallow venues, working well with fully strung or bulked micro shot or Stotz weights. The streamlined bodies have a marbled black satin finish, while the painted nylon tips stand out really well and are very sensitive. Mainly designed as a pellet float, but suits most other small hook offerings, including corn, meat, maggots and casters. Robust enough for medium to strong tackle, this is a classic, versatile match carp pole float.
SCORE: 29/30

NOTE: All products tested January 2010. All prices correct at the time of going to Press. Angler’s Mail do not take responsibility for price or product changes or current availability.