Tested by Steve Lockett



£4.99 per 100 m
A black line that is claimed to make netting fish easier, this product has a smooth feel to it and ties up well. The diameter is claimed to be 0.18 mm at 6 lb test, but measured up at a very consistent 0.19 mm. The stretch test showed this line to be the most stretchy of the dozen lines here. Breaking strain tests gave fairly good results but constantly 1 – 1 lb 8 oz under the stated BS. This makes a good line for float and light bomb work but is probably too stretchy for heavy feeder fishing.
SCORE: 21/30


£3.95 per 100 m
This line has been going strong for years and is certainly robust enough to work well as a bagging line. The grey colour is a good neutral choice in heavily coloured waters. Quite stretchy and wiry, it will suit feeder or bomb work rather than float fishing. Very strong and pretty accurate, being slightly under the stated 0.25 mm diameter for 6 lb test, this line broke at over 6 lb every time. Bulk spools of 400 m are better value for money in popular strengths.
SCORE: 22/30


£5.99 per 150 m
Pale green in colour, Korum Reel Line is well regarded on the match scene as a robust product. The test samples were quite springy and suffered from a lot of memory making it difficult to knot. Diameter was a little over the stated 0.25 mm at 6 lb, but, equally, it broke at well over 6 lb in all tests. This seems a very strong line, but is certainly better suited to legering than float fishing.
SCORE: 22/30


£8.99 per 300 m
An interesting shade of burgundy helps to make this line stand out. Available on 300 m spools only, in 4 lb to 10 lb strains at a reasonable price, this is a fairly robust, sinking line more suited to light bomb work and float fishing at depth. Holding simple knots well, Technium feels supple and is quite stretchy. The stated diameter of 0.20 mm is bang on the money but the breaking strains are slightly overstated.
SCORE: 24/30


£2.95 per 100 m
This is a dark coloured abrasion resistant big fish line with low memory and very little stretch. As well as proper carp fishing applications, it will also suit big splasher wagglers and casting long distances with heavy Method feeders. Slightly thicker than the stated 0.25 mm in 6 lb strain, it is spot on in breaking strain tests. A massive range of strains in 100 m, 300 m and bulk 4 oz spools make this a good choice for heavy-duty applications.
SCORE: 24/30


£3.99 per 150 m
At first glance, this clear mono seems the ideal all-round line being very soft and pretty close to the claimed 0.20 mm diameter. I found knots have to be tied with care however, as simple loop knots slipped easily and have a very detrimental effect on breaking strain. Once tied with quality knots, the 0.20 mm tests at an impressive 6 lb every time. This line is more suited to float fishing and slightly less demanding situations. Available only on 100 m spools but in a sensible range of strengths.
SCORE: 24/30


£5.99 per 250 m
250 m spools are sensibly priced and allow two or possibly three spools to be filled. Coming in four breaking strains at 4 lb, 6 lb, 8 lb and 10 lb, this is a line squarely aiming at commercial anglers. Undoubtedly strong, it is slightly over rated for diameter with 6 lb 0.25 mm measuring up at 0.26 mm. A very wiry, stiff, robust line, it needs knotting carefully and is more suited to very heavy-duty bagging work with big feeders or very big wagglers.
SCORE: 25/30


£5.99 per 150 m
A dark brown line in 2.5 lb to 10 lb tests, Garbo is soft with very low memory, ties up easily and holds a knot well. The labelling is slightly misleading, as the claimed 6 lb sample reads 3.5 kg, so should be closer to 8 lb test. Diameter tests are pretty good with the 6 lb line measuring 0.215 mm, but this breaks at more like 5 lb rather than the 3.5 kg stated on the spool. An average stretch line, this will work well for float fishing and all short to medium distance feeder work.
SCORE: 25/30


£3.95 per 100 m
A soft, low memory line available in a large range of sizes on 100 m, 300 m and 4 oz bulk spools at good prices. The stated diameters are exact and breaking strains are very close to those claimed, too. The 6 lb test broke at 5 lb 8 oz on every trial when knotted with a simple overhand loop. Controlled stretch makes this a great line for legering and the neutral buoyancy is great for most float fishing applications. Casts easily and holds knots very well.
SCORE: 26/30



£1.95 per 100 m
While this is one of the most stretchy lines on test, the incredible price makes this a real contender in these credit crunch times. Diameters are very close to perfect throughout the range of sizes with the higher strains being spot on. Series 7 is quite soft, knots well and slips through rod rings very nicely. Breaking strains are slightly over stated, but this line still stands up to the kind of abuse that will get handed out to it when hauling big bags of carp. A great float fishing line in the lighter strains; it will also handle medium feeders and bombs on small to mid-sized commercials and take some serious punishment in the heaviest strains.
SCORE: 27/30

NOTE: All products tested May 2010. All prices correct at the time of going to Press. Angler’s Mail do not take responsibility for price or product changes or current availability.