Beautifully made wagglers featuring long fine inserts and built-in base weights with swivel attachments. Each float comes in its own protective tube, but even then £3.50 is a hefty price tag! The light yellow finish resembles sarkandas reed but closer inspection reveals peacock bodies and finer peacock inserts. The latter are very sensitive, possibly a bit too fine on larger sizes, which cast a long way. Sizes are 3BB, 4BB, 3AAA, 4AAA and 5AAA, all of which allow good-sized locking shot to be used for extra casting distance.
SCORE: 26/30


Available in 2AAA, 3AAA, 4AAA and 5AAA sizes, these all-peacock wagglers have medium diameter inserts that are sensitive but remain highly visible at distance. Not being weighted, they have plastic base eye fittings that also suit float adaptors. The main finish is satin black with various bright tip colours. These versatile floats cover a wealth of waggler fishing situations but the only criticisms concern the paint finish, which was chipped in a few places and some of the inserts were off centre.
SCORE: 26/30


Features graded peacock stems and balsa wood inserts that have medium diameters. Sizes include 3BB (plus 2BB), 2AAA (plus 2BB), 2AAA (plus 3BB), 2AAA (plus 2AAA), 3AAA (plus 2AAA) and 2SSG (plus 2AAA). These are part loadings that allow ample locking shot, while the wide range of sizes covers lots of applications. The balsa inserts are fairly sensitive but a bit short in my opinion, especially on larger floats that cast long distances. Very well made for their price.
SCORE: 26/30


Sizes of these loaded floats are 1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.5 and 3 gr but they are only partly loaded so there’s enough leeway for ample locking shot. These wagglers have straight, carefully graded peacock bodies and slim balsa inserts – the latter increasing in length as the floats get longer. The base weights are interchangeable, giving even more variation on an already comprehensive range of sizes. Also features locking sleeves on the plastic attachment eyes that allow floats to be switched.
SCORE: 27/30


Matt black peacock bodies and reed inserts feature this range , which covers popular 2AAA, 5BB, 3AAA, 3.5AAA, 4AAA and 5AAA sizes. The light sarkandas reed inserts don’t unbalance these floats on the cast and provide consistent medium diameters that show up well when fishing at range. Plastic base eyes allow float adaptors to be fitted, should they be needed, and these wagglers are quite sensitive. They suit general waggler fishing and this includes refined tactics when the going is hard.
SCORE: 27/30



These perfectly crafted wagglers feature medium length peacock inserts in their carefully graded peacock bodies. They have a subdued dark green matt finish and offer 2AAA, 2.5AAA, 3AAA, 3.5AAA and 2SSG sizes. There is much attention to detail with each float being perfectly straight, finished immaculately, even having ridged plastic base eye units that grip float adaptors extra firmly. To my mind this adds up to the best range of peacock wagglers that completely out-perform the rest.
SCORE: 29/30

NOTE: All products tested February 2011. All prices correct at the time of going to Press. Angler’s Mail do not take responsibility for price or product changes or current availability.