Tested by Duncan Charman


Easy to operate on/off button with four white light settings, including flash. Intense, multi-directional 7-way beam created from the K2 Luxeon lifetime Led which outputs 85 lumens max, supplying 16 hours continuous use on maximum, rising to 70 hours on economy. Duracell batteries included and water resistant. Fully adjustable three-way head strap tends to twist and the rear battery pack creates a bulky, uncomfortable feel as well as adding weight. No red light on front but rear battery pack incorporates a red safety light, which seems impractical for angling.
SCORE: 24/30


The 51 maximum lumens output gives a total of 10-hours continuous use rising to 20 hrs on economy from the Duracell batteries, which are included. The Pivotal head locks approximately seven times through its 90 degree angle. Two settings to the front white LED, max and economy as well as a constant red beam and red flashing. The three-way headband is fully adjustable but tends to twist and feels bulky and uncomfortable. Easy to use on/off button, water resistant, weighing in at 118 gr.
SCORE: 25/30


A unique gadget from Leeda, outputting 16 lumens, giving 45 hrs continuous use. Weighing just 28 gr it’s also the smallest head touch tested. It’s so compact and comfortable you’ll forget it’s on your head! Two white light settings, and one red the beam can be rotated 360 degrees! Strap is very simple to adjust but does come out of its mount. Supplied with lithium batteries it’s designed to work in sub zero conditions. Although it feels quite fragile, it’s comes with a 10-year guarantee. Supplied with protective case which is water resistant and even comes with a 100-decibel whistle!
SCORE: 26/30


At just 39 gr this compact head torch must be a big seller for the roving river angler. The one white Led setting, plus flash option outputs 25 hours of continuous use and the fish-eye magnifying lens creates a focused beam. Incorporates a swivelling red diffuser lens for discrete night vision, however, this has a tendency to fly off! Fully adjustable through 90 degrees and easy to use on/off switch. Batteries included and water resistant. Extremely comfortable, can be left around neck and is fully adjustable.
SCORE: 27/30


A quality product from The Tackle Box, Dartford Kent. Strong and durable. Incorporating a Cloverleaf Reflector system for a superior beam visible up to 2000m, provides up to 50 hrs continuous burn time from alkaline batteries supplied. The lamp head locks in four positions through its 90 degrees and the dimmer switch, on the rear battery pack adjusts the white and red LED’s which are turned on from individual front on/off buttons. Fully adjustable headband isn’t the most comfortable. Supplied with protective pouch and weighs in at 110 gr.
SCORE: 27/30



Available from Leeda, the 50 lumens maximum output provides an incredible 55 hours use increasing to 140 hrs if used on the economy level from the batteries included. Weighing in at just 83 gr this unit is not only compact but also comfortable and can be worn around the neck. Incorporating two white light settings, plus flash as well as a front red light setting. Easy to adjust head strap and On/Off button, however the beam only has four adjustable settings through 45 degrees. Comes with a 3-year guarantee and water-resistant.
SCORE: 28/30

NOTE: All products tested August 2010. All prices correct at the time of going to Press. Angler’s Mail do not take responsibility for price or product changes or current availability.