Tested by Dave Coster



Designed by Fish O’ Mania winner Neil Machin to be used in conjunction with a Speed Mould that compresses Method groundbait neatly around the feeder. This low profile model is available in mini (15 gr), small (15 gr or 28 gr) and large (20 gr or 35 gr). All have push over rubber tails and hard plastic bushes at their leading ends. The vanes have flattened tops but still grip groundbait well, also leaving big enough gaps to bury hook baits. These feeders don’t roll and present buried hook baits on top perfectly.
SCORE: 26/30


Designed by commercial carp maestro Craig O’Brien, these feeders have unique dips in their centres that allow the bait to be tucked in a prime position. Supplied in small (15 gr), medium (20 gr or 30 gr) and large (20 gr or 30 gr). These compact feeders always land the right way up and don’t roll when cast over sloping terrain. They have low slung, well-spaced vanes, a hard plastic bush at the front and a soft tail rubber to prevent line friction. This neat and unobtrusive design works really well.
SCORE: 27/30


£4.99 for two
New concept with vertical pegs, as opposed to vanes, to grip the groundbait. The centre tube features enlarged front opening to accept a special shock link with swivels at both ends, which is also supplied. Unlike with most bungee or elasticated feeders, this design can’t end up tethered to fish if it’s lost – the shock link simply pulls free. Available in mini (28 gr) and standard (36 gr) sizes, these feeders always land upright and don’t roll. Great idea providing venues that ban bungee feeders allow it!
SCORE: 27/30


Unusual design with coiled wire around its central tube, which grips groundbait well enough, while the flat base prevents rolling and ensures these feeders land the right way up. There are mini (14 gr), small (21 gr) and medium (28 gr) sizes and these feeders have simple plastic bushes at either end. They lay tight to the bottom and rely on simple rigging with a stop swivel or buffer bead at their leading ends. Slightly on the compact side but well suited for smaller commercials and fishing tight to features.
SCORE: 27/30


New design with four vanes and a big gap in the middle to help with positioning buried hook offerings. Available in a medium size with 15 gr or 30 gr base weights, this model is carefully shaped to fit a new Quick Release Method Mould, similar to Garbolino’s but with an additional release button to eject the feeder. There’s a soft tail rubber at the rear and simple hard plastic opening at the leading end. The latter requires a no.10 swivel for a semi-fixed rig, or a bigger stop swivel or bead.
SCORE: 27/30



Available in small and large sizes, both with 20 gr or 28 gr loadings,
also supplied with a box of free size 10 swivels. These feeders had a noticeably better overall finish than the others and were the only ones with rubber grommets set in their leading ends. The latter allows neater semi-fixed rigs using the swivels provided, while there’s also a rubber tail unit, making both ends friction free when the feeder is free running. There are three well-spaced vanes on this versatile feeder and its dull colour is unobtrusive.
SCORE: 29/30

NOTE: All products tested May 2009. All prices correct at the time of going to Press. Angler’s Mail do not take responsibility for price or product changes or current availability.