£1.39 TO £2.15
A typical, shaped flat pear with the weight distributed to its rear, which reduces tangles when casting. The low, flat profile creates lots of stability and is ideal for stillwaters when fishing on sloping or uneven bottoms, and its shape increases hooking properties when using bolt rigs. Each lead is covered in a anti-glare coating, ideal for spooky fish on both still or running water, and it comes in two colours – Weed/Silt and Gravel/Clay – in sizes between 1.1 oz and 6 oz, although this isn’t marked on the lead. Dumpy Square Pears also available.
SCORE:  26/30


£1.45 TO £1.80
Slightly shorter and thicker than the standard pear lead, this range of leads have been designed for stillwaters, with the bulk of the weight positioned in the centre, which not only reduces the chance of a fish moving the lead, but also increases the hooking properties of the bolt-rig. Covered in a brown and black speckled camo coating. I would prefer to see the shine removed and a matt finish applied. The weight is marked on each lead. They come in sizes between 1.5 oz and 4 oz.
SCORE:  26/30


£1.35 TO £1.70
Tried and tested and a favourite of many a carp angler. Each lead is Ardon coated, which is a high density plastic powder coating that’s extremely durable, and the Gravely Brown or Weedy Green camo is almost the ultimate in all-round camouflage.
However, leads have moved on and I would like to see the glare removed and replaced with a matt finish for ultimate concealment. The weight is tapered to the rear of the lead, giving great anti-tangle properties when casting, but they lack the weight identification printed on them. Available from 1.1 oz to 5 oz.
SCORE:  26/30


£1.25 TO £1.75
These elongated pears are available in two textured finishes – Clay Brown or  Gravel Speckles – and their non-reflective coating not only blends in with almost every lakebed, but they are also extremely camouflaged, including the swivel. The weight is distributed to aid the bolt effect and decrease tangles, and the flattened profile also provides stability, which prevents rolling on uneven or sloping lakebeds and increases rig efficiency. Each lead has the weight printed within the coating and comes in a range of sizes between 1.25 oz and 5 oz.
SCORE:  27/30


£1.40 TO £2.95
Completely covered (including the swivel) in a textured choice of  Clay Brown or Gravel Speckles non-reflective coating, these leads will blend in discreetly with almost every bottom. Featuring pronounced studs for extra grip, these leads are at home on running water, on sloping bars, island margins or at extreme range on stillwaters. Designed to enhance the bolt effect, as well as to stay put where they’ve landed. Their weight is, usefully, shown on the coating. A very versatile lead that’s available in sizes of between 2.25 oz and 6 oz.
SCORE:  29/30



£1.35 TO £3.25
Designed for when added grip is required, this has become a favourite with many a barbel anglers. It allows a smaller lead to hold bottom than is possible with flat-sided pear leads, and creates less disturbance when entering the water. Bait can be moulded around Gripper leads, too, and PVA bags attached. It’s also at home on stillwaters when fishing to island drop-offs or at extreme range. Available from 1.1 oz through to 10 oz, in the Ardon coated Green or Brown camo, with weight tapered to the rear, creating anti-tangle properties. But, again, l’d like to see a matt version, with the weight identification visible.
SCORE:  28/30

NOTE: All products tested July 2011. All prices correct at the time of going to Press. Angler’s Mail do not take responsibility for price or product changes or current availability.