Tested by Steve Ansell



3, 5, 10 gr £2.95; 15, 20 gr £3.15

A classic controller that has been around for donkey’s years, certainly since I started carping in the mid 80s. No frills, good casting and low splash design. The choice of many for that ‘does what it says on the tin’ feel that these floats have. They could do with a choice of colour, as I find the yellow tip hard to see in certain conditions and at distance. There are five floats in the range, from the lovely little 3 gr model to the distance 20 gr design. They cover all but the most extreme distance fishing.

SCORE: 25/30


£3.65 each

These fluted, frosted, matt green-finished controllers will surely be a hit with all the tackle tarts out there… and rightly so, they look great and perform equally as well. Available in 5, 10 and 15 gr sizes, they sit low, cast very well and have proved themselves a top seller in the controller float market. Despite their dumpy ‘bomb’ style end-weight, they are not too splashy. They are among the priciest reviewed, it would have been nice to have seen an interchangeable coloured tip.

SCORE: 26/30


£6 for three

Nicely presented pack of THREE very well made controllers in 5, 10 and 15 gr sizes. They feature quality brass weights and swivels, which could have been painted to stop glare, but that’s a minor point. A no-frills classic style that does the job well. Great casting floats – even the 5 gr model casts like a dream on light floater gear. At the special price of £6 for three they are very good value for money. Quite low splash and they sit nice and low in the water.

SCORE: 27/30


£2.25-£3.25 each

A range of four traditional bomb-style designs ranging from No.1 (25 yards plus) to No.4 (80 yards plus) Pleasing camo matt green finish with very bright orange tips. They also boast two removable swivels for easy changing top and bottom (not sure what use the bottom one is), though some paint did flake off when I removed the top swivel…. competitive pricing and good looks are sure to make these very good sellers. Nice to see the brass weight painted green to stop reflections. Both ranges cast very well and sit correctly.

SCORE: 27.5/30


£3.49 each

Very modern and bold design with dart-style flights for accurate casting in still conditions, but  can catch the wind a bit when it gets blowy. They sit low and have a low visibility in the water. I like the clear clip that is included with these floats, which is a great idea, as many anglers now semi-fix their controllers to aid hook pricking on the take, and the fact the clip is clear is a brilliant idea, too. Available in 5, 10, 15 and 20 gr sizes. A great product and competitively priced. Changeable tips would have made them near perfect.

SCORE: 28/30



£2.99 each

Korum seem to be getting it right with many of their products at that moment… and these controllers are  no exception. Simple, to the point design that casts exceptionally due to their finned design. These are  smaller than the Fox flights and catch the wind less. The addition of interchangeable tops is superb and a great touch. The clear green tinted body make them hard to see in the water, and they sit perfectly to-boot. The 10 and 20 gr sizes cover most situations, but I would like to see a couple more in the range, my only criticism. Top value for money, too.

SCORE:  29.5/30

NOTE: All products tested September 2009. All prices correct at the time of going to Press. Angler’s Mail do not take responsibility for price or product changes or current availability.