Tested by Ian Welch


Identical to the Ron Thompson Dyna Scales, but reading 50 lb and 22 kg in 8 oz and 200 gr divisions respectively, and as such suited only to giving a rough indication of weight, which it did adequately with the test weights. Tough, corrosion-resistant casing that will withstand crushing in a rucksack, but too large for the pocket and roving sessions. The handle is rubberised and easy to grip, and is complemented with a large, secure weigh-hook, but there is no zeroing facility. Price comparison with the Ron Thompson model is not favourable.
SCORE: 15/30


Dial scale reading 25 kg in 100 gr divisions and 55 lb in 4 oz divisions, which is possibly not sensitive enough for many anglers, and readings on my test weights were at variance to other models. Robust metal case is very heavy, and unsuited to stalking or roving. The face will scratch with time, as Perspex-type faces tend to do. The hand grip and weigh hook are both detachable and likely to be mislaid, but there is an easily adjusted screw for zeroing weigh slings.
SCORE: 17/30


Tubular, spring-tensioned scales in tough, corrosion resistant casing, but too large to be considered a pocket balance for the roving angler. Weighs to 25 lb in 4 oz and 11 kg in 100 gr divisions, which is possibly not sensitive enough for river specialists but proved reasonably accurate with my range of test weights. Rubber sheathed handle is easy to grip, and the weigh hook is solid, but there is no way to set zero after a weigh sling is added, which always adds to confusion and inaccuracy.
SCORE: 19/30


Dial scales reading to 35 lb in 1 oz divisions and 16 kg in 25 gr divisions in a tough but heavyweight crush-proof metal casing that is too large for roving but ideal for a rucksack. The perspex face may scratch with time, making reading of the small divisions tricky, but there is a decent storage pouch provided for protection, and a good pointer, a solid weigh hook and a detachable handle hook. Set to zero easily is achieved with a sensitive, knurled knob, and accurate results were obtained.
SCORE: 23/30


Tough and compact tubular spring balance supplied in a protective sleeve and ideal for the pocket of the roving angler. Easy to read, recording to 33 lb in 4 oz and 15 kg in 100 gr divisions. Fine for larger fish, but less suited to river specialists. Good zeroing facility assist with weighing accuracy, which was spot on with my test weights, but a substantial weigh sling is required to ensure accuracy, as plastic bags will not do! The hook and hanging point are robust and in stainless steel.
SCORE: 24/30



Compact yet robust digital scale with integral, 100 cm tape, ideal for roving. Simple to operate push buttons include zero facility and low battery warning. Available in matt silver or black with accurate digital readout to 66 lb with one-touch switch to metric. The handle is secure, but the weigh hook, though solid, is on the small side for big slings. The only downside is that pounds are read in decimals rather than as pounds and ounces, but if you are happy with 1.75 lb instead of 1 lb 12 oz then they are terrific!
SCORE: 25/30

NOTE: All products tested October 2008. All prices correct at the time of going to Press. Angler’s Mail do not take responsibility for price or product changes or current availability.