Tested by Steve Ansell



£17.49 each
Cheap and cheerful, it works and doesn’t sound too bad. This alarm features volume and tone controls, a brass thread, sounder box output and takes the convenient 9 volt battery. That’s the good bit but the overall feel and build quality is on the poor side, the buttons have a very cheap, wobbly feel. For just a few more pounds you could get a lot more bang for your bucks…
Score: 21/30


£15 set of three

I couldn’t quite believe the price tag, a three bite alarm set for just 15 quid? This handy trio come with graduated tone and volume controls, a neat little plastic carry case, brass thread with o-rings and even batteries! Yes the build quality is cheap and one of the volume knobs did fall off during testing and, unfortunately, they sound a bit like a goose f*rting in the fog. But the design is neat, they look OK and they survived the 20 minute ‘shower test’.
Score: 22/30


£24.99 each

Being a slightly trimmed down version of the Micron M2, this is a basic, no frills buzzer, but you do get a Fox Micron for under 25 quid…. good times.  With its specially designed roller and weatherproof coated electronics, this is a serious but very basic alarm. You get a red light, a stepped volume control (via soft touch buttons) and a brass thread, but no tone or sensitivity and, as with the Micron M2, the battery compartment is a nightmare to open, but it’s a reliable good looking alarm.
Score: 26/30


£37.99 each

Following in the footsteps of the top selling original Micron M, the M2 features a 20 second latching red LED, eight volume and tone settings, a four magnet wheel and a neat rubber rod rest insert with a self gripping mini beta light slot. The casing is waterproof, surviving my shower test with ease and comes with a brass thread. Does feel a tad cheap and the battery door is quite hard to open, especially with cold hands. It seems a little pricy.
Score: 26/30


£24.99 each
Very competitively priced, compact with understated looks and very bright blue LED which may be a bit too bright for some. Boasts a simple roller wheel alarm that doesn’t have tone or sensitivity controls. The circuit board is encased in resin so it survived my 20 minute shower test with ease. Stainless thread and push-button controls for the power and volume buttons are also included. I did find that the light came on with no audible sound a couple of times during the night but, other than that, a very nice alarm with free hardcase and battery.
Score: 27/30


£29.99 each

With it’s quirky casing design, which might not be to everyone’s taste, this is a fine alarm with four tone settings, sensitivity and volume controls, a 20 second latching LED in a choice of four colours and a stainless steel thread. Under the speaker is a clip to accommodate the Cormoran ‘Line Dancer’ swinger. No problem with my shower drenching either, doesn’t feel quite as good quality as some in the group, but a strong contender none the less with a non-squawky, pleasing tone.
Score: 27/30



£39.99 each

The moment you pick this alarm up you can feel the quality. The rubberized feel is pleasant to the touch and the single touch volume and tone controls are very easy to operate, they have a pleasant sound to them and four different tones. They feature a very bright blue LED which latches for around ten seconds and another LED which can be switched on as a night light. This is a lovely product that I would happily use. A sensitivity control would have been nice, but it is still a lot of alarm for the money. Working 100 per cent after 20 minutes under my shower.
Score: 28/30



£39.99 set of three plus sounder box

Now this is what I call value for money! Three heads, a sounder box and leads for under 40 quid. They appear to be very good quality. The alarms have a pleasing tone, separate latching LEDs, a stainless thread and a rubberised finish. The sounder has corresponding coloured lights to the heads and very long leads with top quality connectors. No problems with the shower test either. Superb value budget alarm set that is well worth a try.
Score: 28/30

NOTE: All products tested October 2009. All prices correct at the time of going to Press. Angler’s Mail do not take responsibility for price or product changes or current availability.