At 50 cm this trace is made from quality wire and has a unique patented floating crimp that allows you to set the distance between the trebles depending on size of bait. The very sharp trebles aren’t the strongest on test but are machined crimped for precise fixing throughout, as is the swivel, and all components are covered in black silicone sleeves creating a tidy looking trace. Available semi-barbed in sizes 4 to 10, however I have concerns over the quality of the swivel as I bent it under finger pressure!
SCORE: 25/30


A heavy-duty 46 cm trace made from 45 lb, seven strand wire, extensively tested and PAC approved. The two semi-barbless size 8 trebles are set 7 cm apart and are secured using non-slip crimps then covered over with tapered tubing as is the swivel that once again seems to be slightly under gunned compared to the rest of the trace! All in all a tidy trace with all the modcons including bait save flags but I prefer my hooks to be able to hinge, and if anything it’s a bit over the top!
SCORE: 25/30


A simple no frills trace that’s designed to do exactly what it’s meant to do, catch pike. Using only the highest quality components this 40 cm, 7 Strand wire trace is the shortest of all tested and has two strong, sharp trebles set 7 cm apart. The swivel albeit small is strong and has been machined crimped as have the trebles. Sleeving over the swivel and bottom eye would have tidied things up but the lack of this allows the hooks to hinge. Available in barbed or semi-barbed in sizes 6, 8 and 10.
SCORE: 27/30


Manufactured from 30 lb Carbo Flex Stainless Steel this 48 cm trace is extremely flexible and supple although it seems almost over designed? Two 2XS carbon trebles are set 9 cm apart and are attached using ‘Lok Tight’ crimps as is the Kwik Change swivel link, all of which are covered in protective silicone sleeves. Hand made to a very high standard using the very best components, these traces are available in either barbed or semi-barbed in size 4, 6 and 8 with bait-save flags attached and mounting instructions on the packaging.
SCORE: 28/30



Produced using top quality seven strand 30 lb wire and handmade to expert specifications, this neat and tidy 50 cm trace comes complete with two razor sharp treble hooks set 10 cm apart. The hooks are secured by a tight twist then neatly covered over using translucent shrink tubing as is the high quality size seven swivel. Available in semi-barbed or barbed versions in sizes 4, 6 and 8 this is a no-nonsense trace designed for the serious big predator angler. An effective and reliable rig.
SCORE: 29/30

NOTE: All products tested October 2010. All prices correct at the time of going to Press. Angler’s Mail do not take responsibility for price or product changes or current availability.