DAVE LITTLE was bit sceptical of catching anything after finding a big otter in his swim on his previous visit - but he bagged this stunning 16 lb 8 oz zander.

He was in double luck as the specimen fell to his pike rod… while his zander rod remained motionless during the trip to the lower reaches of the mighty River Severn.

Gloucester-based Dave, 59, said: “I have fished this spot a few times this season and always produces some good pike, but the last time I fished it there was a large otter in the swim and I blanked.

“After getting up a bit late I decided to try the swim again as it is only 20 minutes from my house.

“I arrived with the field to myself. I set up two rods, one on a horse mackerel (scad) for pike and one on roach for zander.

“And needless to say I caught the zander on the horse mackerel.

“I also had three jacks to make a great day,” added Dave, who is a production supervisor making conservatory roofs.

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