AN EXCLUSIVE online poll on our Angler’s Mail website on YOUR favourite baits has thrown up a surprise result with the humble maggot joint top with pellets.

Nearly 400 of you voted on here and the humble grub was surprisingly right up there with pellets on 24 per cent each.

We asked: ‘Which bait have you used more times than any other during 2010?’

And despite the rise of commercial stillwaters and man-made baits maggots have proved they still have a huge following.

Boilies were third in the poll on 12 per cent, then sweetcorn with ten per cent. The full 2010 chart is seen below.

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Bait                            % of vote

1. Pellets                             24

1. Maggots                         24

3. Boilies                            12

4. Sweetcorn                     10

5. Meat                                7

6. Bread                              6

7. Worms                           5

8. Paste                              4

9. Casters                           3

10. Fish baits                    2

10. Fake baits                   2

10. Lures                            2

13. Other particles           1