A FEMALE angler has quickly gained 72,000 online fans thanks to her great fishing pictures.


Super keen Michelle Clavette fishes four times a week and is getting a growing social media presence.

Some British national newspapers have called her the sexiest angler in the world’ thanks to her often wearing a bikini while fishing.

The 27-year-old is using Instagram to show her pictures of giant fish aboard her boat in Florida, USA.

Michelle said: “I’ve been fishing since the age of six, but it was always freshwater fishing before.

“My dad taught me how to fish. We would go to canals and lakes behind our house or nearby neighbourhoods to catch catfish, bass, puffer fish, or anything that turned a handle.

“I love every aspect of fishing. The adrenaline rush after landing a big fish onto the boat is probably my favourite part.

“I enjoy everything from rigging baits, eating the fish that I catch, to just simply being on the water.”

‘Infinite amount of knowledge to be learned’

Michelle explained: “My favorite part about fishing is that there is an infinite amount of knowledge to be learned.

“There is always a skill that can be improved or a new species of fish to catch on my bucket list, and I relish in being able to check them off.

“Fishing definitely has a male stigma attached to it but I think over the past couple of years, social media has opened the eyes of all female anglers and encouraged them to fish more.

“They see others ladies fishing, like me, and begin to feel more empowered to fish as well.

“I try not to let comments from men specially, get to me.

“I’m fully capable of rigging my own baits, tying my own knots, and catching fish that weigh more than I do.

“It doesn’t make a difference being male or female. We both have hands to do these things, so why not?” she said.

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