ANGLER’S MAIL can reveal that ex-pat Martin Davidson caught the biggest carp ever to a British angler – a mirror of  112 lb 8 oz – and another whopper of 101 lb.

Martin, originally from Leicester, but now living in South Africa, caught the World’s biggest carp. He also notched up other incredible giants from Hungary wonder water Euro-Aqua last year.

The incredible catch came weeks before Covid-19 even made world news, let alone the pandemic and lockdown which suspended most international travel to angling venues.

His historic captures have only just come to light, but Martin explained all to Angler’s Mail.

His biggest mirror is the same hulk that is the World’s biggest carp title.

Its 112 lb 14 oz peak weight came when caught by Dutchman Michel Schoenmakers in 2018.

How Brit caught World’s biggest carp

Martin told Angler’s Mail: “The lake (Euro-Aqua) currently boasts a massive head of large carp, estimated at more than 120 fish of over 70 lb, 20 of which are above 90 lb and 9-11 of over 100 lb.

“I have seen fish in excess of 120 lb in the private, non-fishing area called the Sanctuary.

“I had the usual level of excitement and expectation on my seventh trip to Euro-Aqua, with my son, Sam, but what was to unfold was way beyond my wildest dreams.

“I had two weeks of non-stop fishing in every conceivable weather condition, from hot, sunny days to blizzards and 60 km winds.

Martin also caught this 101 lb specimen at Euro-Aqua, which dominates international heaviest carp charts.

“I landed nine fish of over 50 lb, four 60s, three 70s, an 87 lb mirror, a stunning 88 lb common and also the World record mirror, which was slightly down in weight, at 112 lb 8 oz.

“I returned and had another good hit, topped by a 101 lb mirror.

“It would be fair to make an assumption that Euro-Aqua is an easy water, but it’s not.

“Most new anglers on Euro-Aqua have a lack of understanding of how much baiting is needed at the beginning and during a session.

“It can result in a lot of anglers not catching the fish that they came to Euro-Aqua for.

“It is commonplace to feed 20 kg of boilies, 100 kg of hemp and 50 kg of mixed seed per day, even twice a day, to keep massive shoals of fish in your swim.

“With a big head of carp and 200 lb-plus catfish, this amount of bait doesn’t last very long, and the fish will move off,” concluded Martin.

Martin's view of a morning dawn at Euro-Aqua.

Martin’s view of a morning dawn at Euro-Aqua, home to the world’s biggest carp.

Top 10 carp  by UK anglers

112 lb 8 oz mirror             Martin Davidson        Euro-Aqua                   2019

105 lb 14 oz mirror  Ian Burton                   Euro-Aqua                  2019

104 lb 2 oz mirror    Stephen Weir              Euro-Aqua                   2015

102 lb mirror            Luke Vanes                  Euro-Aqua                   2018

101 lb 8 oz mirror    Warren Harrison        Euro-Aqua                   2017

101 lb 6 oz common   Terry Harbert           Lake Serene                 2019

101 lb mirror                Martin Davidson      Euro-Aqua                   2019

100 lb 8 oz common   Colin Smith               Etang La Saussaie        2013

99 lb 14 oz common   Alan Munns               Etang la Saussaie         2013

99 lb 12 oz common   John Thorpe              Etang La Saussaie        2013

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