GREG ISZATT is a World record mahseer captor, having broken the golden variety target by 50 per cent with this 66 lb beauty.

The record mahseer came when Benson, Oxfordshire-based company director tackled the Mahakali River in northern India. He was accompanied by top guide Christopher Oldmeadow.

The 48-year-old explained to Angler’s Mail: “I have dreamt about catching such a creature which is the fish of every mahseer fisherman’s dreams.

“My first trip for the Himalayan golden mahseer was back in October, 2016, again to the Mahakali River, where I managed several fish up to around 15 lb on lures but the conditions were difficult as is often the case.

“Over the last nine months I became obsessed in planning the tactics and logistical arrangements of what it would take to catch a 50-pounder and that was the challenge and target I set myself for the species.”

Mahseer capture was so rare

Greg continued: “I have caught the different species of humpback mahseer in the south of India from the Cauvery River up to 54 lb. But a 66-pounder from the northern India is a much rarer creature and therefore a far more difficult challenge.

“I have caught big fish from other countries including piraiba to 250 lb from South America, Nile perch, giant trevally and sailfish but all of them added together do not compare to this one capture.

“The capture of this fish has literally rocked the mahseer angling world across India and the UK in terms of the catchable size potential for the species from the rivers in northern India,” he concluded.

His only fish in five hard days was caught on a snow trout livebait, single Owner size 4/0 hook, to a 30 lb fluorocarbon leader and 30 lb Berkley Big Game main line.

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