MICHEL SCHOENMAKERS continued his record-breaking year with the World’s biggest ever carp at 112 lb 14 oz.

The 35-year-old was back on Hungary’s Euro-Aqua and this time he set the World carp record.

Michel became the first ever angler to catch a 50 kg-plus carp when he made history with with this 51.2 kg giant mirror. That’s 112 lb 14 oz!

The World carp record catch came exactly four months after he notched up a World record brace of 43.1 kg (95 lb 1 oz) and 42.5 kg (93 lb 6 oz) on June 23. That was also from Euro-Aqua.

World carp record breaker Michel told Angler’s Mail: “This day begun like any normal fishing day.

“I was feeding early in the morning and after that I have make my rods ready.

“I put my own boilie brand called Aqua Diamonds on the hook with a snowman rig and cast them out on the right spots.

“Around 9 o clock in the morning I had all lines in the lake.

“It took not long time till I get the first take it feel like a really big carp it was a good strong fight.

“After around 20 minutes I had him in my landing net. I put my sling under the landing net.

“When I tried to lift him up I realized how heavy he is and I have make my tripod and scale ready to weigh him.

“It was in perfect condition.

“It was unbelievable that I caught the first 50 kg+ carp on the world.

“I will never forget this day in my life,” concluded Nijmegen, Holland-based Michel, who had a previous PB of 100 lb 3 oz, also from Euro-Aqua just a month ago.

Manchester-based Warren Harrison has a 101 lb 8 oz PB from Euro-Aqua and also had the then record world brace of 94 and 87 lb. He believes the water is very special.

Warren said: “I think there’s around four definitely over 100lb at this time of the year.

“If the fish I caught at 101 lb 8 oz gets caught soon this could easily be bigger than 112 lb because it was a lot longer bigger frame and I don’t think he’s been caught since I had it 18 months ago.”

Euro-Aqua hall of fame

112 lb 14 oz              Michel Schoenmakers            2018

108 lb                      Marco Eichner                          2017

105 lb 13 oz              Thomas Krist                           2015

104 lb 2 oz              Stephen Weir                            2015

103 lb 10 oz              Joost Van der Togt                 2015

102 lb                     Luke Vanes                                  2018

101 lb 8 oz              Warren Harrison                      2017

101 lb 4 oz               Roman Hanke                          2012

100 lb 3 oz              Michel Schoenmakers             2018

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