HERE'S one of Britain's most stunning big carp - caught from a spot where the captor didn't really want to fish!

Andrew Harvgreaves had been after the Wood Common after nabbing the Long Common from the Airfield Lakes complex in Norfolk and got his target on the fith attempt at 49 lb 6 oz.

Salford, Greater Manchester-based Andrew, 29, was on Spitfire Pool when he tempted the fish despite a swim he didn’t really want.

The leisure manager explained: “We split the pool and I drew the unfavored side for the time as the fish were elsewhere.

“I got my spots sorted. I had chose to fish a couple of types of bottom to cover myself and after about 36 hours I finally spotted the Wood and two others in my area of heavy weed.

“It was there for about three days just sat sunning itself. Not once did I see it feed but knew that it had to at some point being a massive fish and a fish that works in line with the moon phases.”

Final morning glory with big carp

Andrew told Angler’s Mail: “Last night came to a close and I felt defeated, I’d fed other fish all week but just had to sit it for the wood as it was going to be the only fish to make me happy, it’s what I was there for.

“Up for the last morning and about to leave and up rose the bobbin, it was on a small gravel hump surrounded by mares tail and silkweed.

“A slow fight commenced typical of the wood but I didn’t believe it was that fish till it went over the net cord. I was buzzing and shouted out ‘yeeeeehhhaaaaaaaa’ that was heard all around the complex.

Andrew tempted it on an Impulse Baits washed out pink pepper squid pop-up fished over Apex freebies, using about 5 kilos over six days.

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