TIM HUDDLESTONE was reeled in for a wedding when he opened a box to find a lure… engraved with a marriage proposal from his girlfriend!


Women took advantage of this leap year’s February 29 to propose to their boyfriends, as traditionally it has always been the man’s move.

Tim, from Leeds, West Yorkshire, has been with Carwen Jones for nearly five years. And when he opened the gift box he discovered a spoon-type lure in the shape of a heart, engraved with ‘You are my greatest catch – marry me’. He immediately said ‘yes’.

Tim told Angler’s Mail: “It came as a shock and was totally out of the blue, but she’d been waiting for her chance.

“We’ve been living together for three years and I’ve been biding my time to propose to her, but she beat me to it.


He added: “Fishing is a massive thing in my family, particularly salmon fishing, and my grandfather, Jack Huddlestone, was really into it in the 1950s and 60s and was well-known for it, then he passed our family beat of the River Eden onto me.

“Salmon fishing is my main interest, along with trout, but I’ll have a go for anything that puts a bend in the rod and do some barbel fishing as well.

“We’ll probably get married next year as it takes a lot of planning for a wedding, and I’d love the ceremony to be on the banks of the Eden as it means so much to the family.

“Carwen doesn’t fish at all herself, and although I’ve taken her along a couple of times it wasn’t really for her.

“But I have lures all over the house that I’ve caught fish on, and she must have seen some of my salmon spoons and got the idea to have this one made.”

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