WINGHAM, the fishery tipped to produce a genuine UK-born and bred British record carp, has produced its second biggest carp at 59 lb 14 oz.

Fishing Kent’s Wingham Carp Lake, guest Stuart Morgan becomes the sixth member of the ‘Wingham Super Virgins Club’, those whose first fish goes 50 lb-plus.

Stuart nabbed Black Spot, using a 16 mm Sticky Baits Krill dumbbell fished over 25 Spombs of boilie crumb, Krill pellets and sweetcorn fished at 70 yards over a bar in 7 ft of water.

The 49-year-old from Gillingham had to wait until 4.30pm on his second and final afternoon before getting a take.

Stuart said: “Before the guest session I joked I was going to catch Black Spot, but I never expected such a dream to come true!”

Wingham creator, Steve Burke, commented: “The huge mirror weeded him up four times, but each time slackening off tricked the fish into swimming free.

“Stuart added a 36 lb 14 oz mirror the following morning that was 2 oz over his previous PB.

“This is Black Spot’s highest ever October weight. Goodness knows what she’ll weigh in spawn next May.

“There’s seven carp over 50 lb in the Carp Lake, best out at 60 lb 8 oz and a common of 59 lb 8 oz.

“There’s also lots of 40s, and over half the carp are 30 lb-plus. The only other species are pike and big eels.

“The carp are younger in the Man Lake but it’s already produced lots of 40s including two different 50s to 56 lb 14 oz. Many expect it to surpass the Carp Lake in a few years,” he added.

The Kent venue’s residents look well set to go on an attain weights above the British record.

That title currently rests with the now deceased carp, Parrot, which reached 68 lb 1 oz before it died at Wasing Estate, Berkshire.

But as regular Angler’s Mail readers will know, some other super heavyweights have a shout at the UK carp crown.

Most notably there are Holme Fen’s Israeli imports which have grown on very well over several years since being stocked.

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