MATCH fishing’s 2008 World Champion Will Raison took a break from competition practice to spin for commercial fishery perch – and bagged 28 stripys to 3 lb 12 oz in a couple of super short one-hour sessions!

Will’s home base, expansive complex Gold Valley Lakes, near Aldershot, Hampshire is noted as a prime match and carp water but his hauls will highlight its potential for the smaller predators.
Will has been itching to have a go at spinning for the perch for some time and when he saw small fry being chased about after a Sunday match he took his chance.
‘I’d noticed fry hopping about the night before so I got hold of a spinning rod and headed out first thing the next day and roved around Gold and Bungalow Lakes,’ said Daiwa consultant Will.
‘I tried a small plug at first but that was unsuccessful – a change to a small spinner made all the difference.’
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