EXTREME heat hit fisheries around the UK in July 2016 with large carp dying, Koi Herpes Virus rearing its ugly head yet again and blue-green algae swamping some waters.

KHV had already hit two Worcestershire waters including top venue Larford Lakes and now two more venues have been confirmed including huge commercial The Glebe in Leicestershire.

The Glebe’s boss Roy Marlow has been quick to act at the complex that costs £250 a year to fish but does host big match events and has closed the venue to keep the fish stress free.

Roy explained: “Unfortunately it is now confirmed that our fish have KHV. I must point out that this is not the end of the world. Out of the total biomass the current losses are negligible.

“We are hoping that tomorrow may be the first day that we wont find any fresh dead fish. I have pointed out previously that we require 10 clear days before it is prudent to open.”

Roy Marlow

Roy Marlow

“We do not have problems on all of of the lakes, Pools 2, 3, 6 and 8 are unaffected and it is essential that we minimise the chance of spreading the virus to these lakes.

“Once we go ten clear days we should be out of the woods as regards spreading the virus.

“Having had meetings with heath inspectors from CEFAS and previous experiences with the Environment Agency I firmly believe that there are many hundreds of waters that are or have been infected with KHV that have not been reported.

“This in my opinion is at the very least immoral if not criminal because evidence shows that KHV can be transferred by anglers nets and the general use of stink bags to stop wet nets leaking into car boots,” Roy warned.

Dry your nets properly

Barston Lakes near Solihull, West Midlands, has introduced a new rule to stop KHV spreading to them – all nets must be completely dried.

Boss Nigel Harrhy said: “Please dry out all of your nets at home as soon as you get home from fishing, or if fishing consecutive days get spare nets so you can always arrive at the next fishery with dry nets.

“When arriving at your peg, please lay out your nets ASAP before setting up, and only put them in the water when they are dry.”

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