GLOBE-TROTTING Mick Stevens has been getting in on the action home and abroad with a fine 2 lb 10 oz rudd plus some huge sturgeon (below) in Canada.


Daventy, Northamptonshire-based Mick explained: “I have been having some variety recently, catching eight white sturgeon over two days whilst holidaying with my wife Joanne.

“This was sandwiched between several trips on a Fenland river catching some decent rudd including a ‘best of season’ 2 lb 10 oz fish.

“The rudd were all caught on float fished bread flake or crust fished self-cocking with a 3 ft drop, 6 lb Drennan Double Strength line and size 10 hook early morning.”

Mick Stevens’ best rudd of his successful recent trips.

Mick continued: “The white sturgeon were all caught on 150 lb braid, 80 lb mono hooklinks, 24 oz running leads, 6/0 hooks and salmon section hookbaits.

“The best were 110, 94 and 86 inches long but didn’t get weight estimates.

“The longest fight was just over two hours in what was scorching sunshine over 30 degrees of hard give and take.

“To see these magnificent fish rise out of the water when hooked was an amazing sight and the fight thereafter exhilarating. It was one hell of an experience.

“My wife’s best white sturgeon was five foot long and she had a brace.”

Mick’s epic catches won him a weekly main prize in the Richworth Fish of the Week contest in Angler’s Mail magazine. Be sure to report catches to AM to win… and to get in print!


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