EXPERTS are undecided what this 5 lb 1 oz mystery fish caught by Nathan Hewitt actually is!


nathan hewwit

Caught from Newhay Lakes near Selby, North Yorkshire,  a true scientific examination isn’t possible on the mystery catch due to the fins being hidden.

Local Nathan used two 8 mm luncheon meat cubes and it was fine reward for a few blank sessions with a pal.

Fish ID expert Dr Mark Everard said: “I can’t give you anything remotely scientific on this for the usual reason (hands all over the fish and fins collapsed), but it does look odd! If I had to put money on it, I’d say a chub-roach hybrid – rare but they do occur.”

Other suggestions were that it’s an ide or even an asp, or even a hybrid of one of them. A giant asp featured in Angler’s Mail magazine a few months ago.

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