WEED from bank to bank has destroyed a ten-mile stretch of a fishery rented direct from the Environment Agency, who have failed to fix the problem.


Despite Southport DAA demanding weed action for several years, their stretch of the River Crossens on the Merseyside-Lancashire border remains totally unfishable.

The only solution to the duckweed dilemma put forward by the EA is for the club to sort the weed out themselves. Members are furious, and  say they are paying twice for the venue… through rent and rod licences.

The 600-strong club pay around £1,500 a year to the EA in rod licence fees alone.

Club secretary Paul Tabron explained: “The river is really a land drain originally built to take water from a huge mere.

“This used to be a quality water which was never easy to fish but had specimen tench, bream and roach, but no doubt they have all now moved elsewhere.

“Our members are angry because they pay their rod licence money and their club membership part of which goes to rent this water, so they are paying the EA twice over and still not able to fish it.”

Paul Tabron and fellow club members are battling to to be able to fish the venue they rent.

“After several years of trying to get something done about it with no solution being found by the EA, we have now been given their permission to try to tackle the problem ourselves, so are exploring options.

“The local fisheries section of the EA have generally been very helpful to us including restocking when there has been a pollution, but they are grossly underfunded by the overall organisation,” he concluded.

An EA spokesperson told Angler’s Mail: “The River Crossens offers several areas which remain fishable although some areas are restricted by duckweed.

“This is an ongoing issue we have been working with the local angling club to address.

“We have agreed with the angling club to offset any maintenance cost against rent what is used to tackle the issue.

“We will continue to monitor oxygen levels and fish stock and we have processes in place to ensure the environment and fish in our rivers can continue to thrive,” they added.

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