BIG FISH ace Gary Newman nearly died after being stung by a deadly wasp in a remote tropical jungle. But his scary tale had a happy ending!

The Korda TV production manager and former Angler’s Mail news reporter was on an amazing trip to Colombia.

He was fishing on the mighty Orinoco River near the Venezuela border when the wasp struck.

But Gary’s trip did end on a high as he caught a 9 lb 8 oz sardinata, 8 oz over current IGFA world record. It’s pictured above.

The 41-year-old, from Chesham, Buckinghamshire, revealed: “The trip nearly ended very badly when I got stung by a dangerous wasp and went into anaphylactic shock. It was a bit touch and go for a couple of hours.

“Basically, I was laying in a tent in the jungle whilst my body swelled up and heart rate went through the roof.

“And as it happened on dusk there was no way of being airlifted out,” said Gary.

A South American wasp like the one that stung Gary. Pic: Alamy

Gary continued: “Thankfully I recovered but I’ll be carrying an epi pen in future.

“I was lucky I only got stung once as a swarm of them came at us – had it been more I might not be here now.

“I managed to find some old anti-histamines for hayfever in my medical kit, but that was it.

“They actually called on the sat phone to enquire about airlifting me out by helicopter, but wouldn’t have been possible until the next morning – by then I’d almost recovered. I wasn’t great for a while though,” he added.

Wasps are one of the biggest human killers in the animal kingdom and on average kill 58 people in the USA alone every year.

Gary’s catches also included this 14lb peacock bass.

Aside from the world record catch, Gary had a range of other specimens.

They included eight peacock bass over 10 lb to a PB 16 lb… plus payara, also called vampire fish, to 19 lb.

Most fish fell to lures with Rapala X-Rap Subwalks proving most effective.

Gary added: “Colombia was a country that I had always wanted to visit anyway, and the fishing, scenery and people were fantastic.

“Despite the wasp sting, it is somewhere I would highly recommend, as the fishing is still relatively untapped when compared to countries such as Brazil.”

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