STEVE COLLETT has found a sea fishing paradise for his Catching With Collett features in Angler's Mail magazine - and here he is in a bonus video!

Great efforts to conserve fish stocks in Courtmacsherry, Ireland, has resulted in some special sea fishing action… and Steve tasted it with Jim O’Donnell for the Angler’s Mail cameras.

First he targeted bass and mullet, then he got bent into sharks from a boat out at sea and pike on a lough… before returning to England. What a trip!

Steve said: “Jim had stumbled on a piece of angling paradise, a place where the stocks are protected, the scenery is stunning, and the people are simply fantastic!

“The Holy Grail for an angler? I had to investigate further. A few pictures came my way, and I rapidly fell in love with a picture postcard village called Courtmacsherry which is located in the West Cork region of Ireland.

“I just had to visit, and I enquired about the fishing via the very helpful folks at, who would said they would be delighted if I popped over for a week and sampled what they had to offer, and share it with the keen Angler’s Mail readers.

“Now what I didn’t want to do on this trip was get preferential treatment, I wanted to go as a ‘proper’ punter, and the folks at Tourism Ireland could not have been more helpful, and soon I had my route, my accommodation and all I needed was my trusty cameraman and few fish. ”

Be sure to read Steve Collett’s Catching With Collett series in Angler’s Mail magazine.


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