JOHN BAILEY – the ace weekly Angler’s Mail magazine columnist – enjoyed a productive third session in the making of In The Footsteps of Mr Crabtree. Here we bring you an exclusive video from the set of the two-day shoot.

Mr Crabtree and Peter – as they were. A new TV series will go in their footsteps…

This exciting new TV series, which we are charting in the magazine, after the incredibly popular “Search For Peter” competition, is now halfway through recording.

And, despite trials and tribulations it’s all building into a superb tribute to the famous Daily Mirror cartoons, with film-makers from Toast Entertainment Group doing a splendid job.

Read about John’s latest session, which produced pike and some cracking perch, in our July 17 cover-dated issue of the magazine.

The latest “Peter” to star alongside is James Newman from Cardiff, South Wales. He’s seen below in an exclusive video, chatting to John after their session finished.

We also bring you James’ trial video, self-made as part of the Search For Peter competition run in Angler’s Mail magazine. Click below to watch it.

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