THIS barbel, reported at 20 lb 7 oz from the River Trent, has got anglers talking after an exclusive report in Angler's Mail magazine. The giant fish won a weekly Korum Specimen Cup prize.

We are now able to show you a short video of the fish below, thanks to captor  Simon Hill. The fish is seen clearly from several angles, in pitch darkness.

Simon told the Mail: “Yes my mate does say 21lb in the video but it wasn’t until I worked it out on paper after weighing the wet net that I got 20.7lb total weight fish plus net was 23.1lb, fresh wet net (dripping) weighed 2.4lb.  23.1lb -2.4lb = 20.7lb.”

Doubt was cast by some specialist anglers (who were not present at the catch) over the chances of the fish becoming the widely recognised Trent record in jeopardy. Ray Walton, barbel angling legend and noted barbel catch analyst, was amongst them.

Simon shrugged off the comments, commenting : “I would like to know what qualifies as a bona fide witness (Ray Walton) lol”

The 20 lb 7 oz weight is only 10 oz short of the British barbel record on the official BRFC national list.


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