JERRY BROWN smashed his PB and set a new venue record for King’s Weir on the River Lea at Hertfordshire with this fantastic 16 lb 2 oz barbel caught on tandoori luncheon meat legered on a size 8 hook to 8 lb line.


Woodham Ferrers, Essex-based Jerry, 60, explained: “I placed my bait at the end of an overhanging tree. I told this to the bailiff Andrew Tregett this on Facebook and he told me to move it a little bit more to the left.

“I did and was blanking for three hours and was thinking ‘that’s bad advice’ when the rod hooped over with this barbel.

“I had to really hold on for dear life for five minutes but got it in the net soon after and when I saw how big it was took the pressure off a bit when it was in open water.”


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