AN INTREPID angler is on a 12-month challenge to catch a fish from every London borough – and all by using public transport.

Urban angling enthusiast Shaun Luke is well on his way  to cracking his target.

Shaun reached 22 of the 33 locations when we caught up with him… as he trawls England’s capital city for fish of any shape or size.

The 50-year-old gardener, from Plumstead, South East London, told Angler’s Mail about his incessant urban angling adventures.

“It is not easy holding down a day job and fishing every opportunity,” noted Shaun.

“My mission is to catch a fish in all 32 London boroughs plus The City Of London.

“I’m back out tomorrow on the River Crane, in yet another attempt to catch in the borough of Hounslow.

“It is getting very tough now, tougher than ever and I can have numerous blanks.

“There’s still no sign of a fish opposite the Houses Of Parliament on the Thames – but I will keep trying.

“Sometimes I’ll visit two different venues in the same day as it has got into my blood,” added the intrepid urban angling fan.

This London map shows the state of play in Shaun’s urban fishing mission as this story went live with Angler’s Mail.

Urban angling = toughing it out

Shaun continued: “I’ve never blanked so many times in over 40 years of angling.

“It took five attempts on the Regent’s Canal to finally catch.

“On the last trip I kept saying ‘last cast, last cast’, and I was literally about to pack up after eight hours with not so much as a sniff.

“I was using possibly the smallest float I could find in the box, taking just two No. 10 shot, light hooklengh, and a 26 hook.

“There was not a single sign of fish movement, or activity. Then, to my shock, the float went under.

“I almost fell off the stool as I whipped a little roach out… as quickly as grease lightning!”

Urban angling can mean sea fish too, like this whiting... way down the Thames at Erith..

Urban angling can mean sea fish too, like this whiting… way down the Thames at Erith..

Shaun added: “I’m not giving up by any means. I will book another week’s holiday if need be.

“Being without a car has not helped, resulting in hundreds of hours traveling by public transport.

“It’s been an eye-opener up to now – most enjoyable in parts, but tedious, and a struggle in others.

“I’ve met some truly wonderful people along the way.

“People can follow my quest on my Facebook page ‘Angling with Shaun’,”  added the urban fishing ace.

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