THE second biggest rudd of the year, a staggering 4 lb specimen, has come out from a carp syndicate lake.

David Garner fluked the specimen redfin on an 18 mm boilie on heavy tackle. And a few days later he added a 3 lb 14 oz sample.

David explained: “The lake in Croxby, Lincolnshire, is known to only have carp and rudd present as it is netted annually for stock checks and these are the only two species caught.

“I have had one person say it could be a roach-rudd hybrid but I’m not convinced as the lake is known for rudd and has no other species apart from carp are in there.”

Pictures of the fish have been viewed for Angler’s Mail by Dr Dr Mark Everard, associate professor of Ecosystem Services, said: “To identify with any certainty I need to see the fins erect and up close!

“I can only do an approximate count (due to resolution when zoomed) on the anal fin.

“ The anal fin count suggests rudd but not confidently due to resolution.

“Orientation of the dorsal/ventral shows the leading edge of the dorsal base set back three scale columns from the ventral – a rudd characteristic.

“The lateral scale line count is 41 – an overlapping characteristic of roach and rudd.

“I’d really like to see dorsal fin spine and rays to count.

“The fish is golden like a rudd but colour is a poor indicator -summer roach feeding on insects can pick up this colour too from carotenoids in their food.

“This is a very deep fish, probably full of spawn, which always make mouth angle difficult to assess.

“But the mouth does appear intermediate between roach and rudd – neither the clear overbite of a roach nor the clear extension of the lower lip of a rudd, but all in all more ‘ruddy’.

“As a scientist, I have to say that I’d need better images to give a confident ID – as an angler, it looks like a whopping great rudd!” he concluded.

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