TWO firms from the angling trade have said Britain's vote to leave the European Union - Brexit - hasn’t had a negative impact on their business... at least not yet.

Six months on from vote to leave, speculation is still rife when exactly we will leave the EU, or even if MPs might try to block the move through a forthcoming parliamentary bill.

Exactly what ‘Brexit’ will mean – what will change – is also being hotly debated, and that looks set to rumble on for many, many months.

But as Brexit dominates the national news, Angler’s Mail has been finding out how angling firms have been shaping up.

Martin Founds says angling holidays buoyant

Martin Founds, owner of travel company Anglers World, has seen business boom ever since the public referendum last June.

Derbyshire-based Martin (pictured below with a char) told the Mail: “Prices have gone up a small amount because of the decrease in value of the pound, but my suppliers are excellent in keeping their own prices stable so the level of increase hasn’t put anyone off.

“In fact business is up in the last six months by an estimated 8-10 per cent.”

Martin continued: “It has been helped by the continued low interest rate, so people who have money in the bank where it is only earning pennies think it is not worth holding onto and they might as well spend it on a good holiday.

“There have always been fluctuation in the value of the pound which has in fact rallied somewhat recently and I expect it will do so more.

“Our customer group is in the 40-70 age range and people who are fairly comfortably off who appreciate a good value quality experience which we provide.

“I have no qualms at all about the decision to leave and if anything now feel more positive than at the time.

“Pro-remain supporters accused people in favour of leaving of being bigoted but I believe travelling and angling broadens the mind and most of us are very open-minded and we are still Europeans even if we don’t believe in the EU,” he added.

Kevin Nash doubts longer-term outcome

Kevin Nash (pictured top) is the boss of the UK’s biggest tackle firms Nash Tackle, and he is still weighing up his threat to move his headquarters to mainland Europe.

Essex-based Kevin said: “Nash Tackle continues to do very well and to help the hard-pressed angler. We have managed to keep our prices the same, unlike some of our competitors, despite the drop in the value of the pound which affects the cost of our imported materials.

“We always strive to produce a quality product which presents good value for money. In the longer term I still think the decision is more negative than positive especially for my sort of company.

“People talk about the opportunity to trade more with the rest of the world but no-one outside of Europe really fishes seriously for carp and 50 per cent of my trade is there.

“I believe we are highly unlikely to get a good deal from leaving so will end up outside of the free trade zone which will be bad for our business,” he added.

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