ABBEY ROSE had a brilliant trip to Lancashire’s Wyreside Lakes topped by this 9 lb 3 oz male tench plus a 9 lb bream.


The 19-year-old Pallatrax team member from Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, added 12 other quality tench plus a rake of carp to 16 lb in the ton-up haul.

Abbey legered Pallatrax Jungle 14 mm shelf-life boilies over flavoured in Jungle Overspray as single hook baits.

Pallatrax boss Simon Pomeroy said: “Abbey is a qualified angling coach whilst at the same time facing the disability of being completely deaf.

“And though facing such a hardship, Abbey is definitely one of the best anglers – male or female – that I know of.

“Whether it’s on a centrepin or carp rod, she just catches!” he added.

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