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THE first ever “Man Versus Food” style eating challenge at a British fishery has been created – and so far all anglers have failed!

Now the search is on for the first angler to manage the Broadlands Lake Burger Challenge – and anyone who does gets a free season ticket till the end of March, 2015, worth £275.

The huge meal is not for the faint–hearted at the leading fishery near Romsey, Hampshire, as there is a monstrous burger to be had PLUS a filling 1 Kg of chips to be consumed within one hour.

The burger itself puts a Big Mac in the shade as it composes of a 1 lb beef burger, a 450 gr bap, eight slices of cheese and eight rashers of bacon plus all the normal trimmings.

And the burger – that costs £19.95 – can include two fried eggs if you want them!

Venue joint boss Debbie Beale told Angler’s Mail magazine: “The challenge is brand new and we’ve already had seven anglers try their luck but failed.

“One got quite close but just failed and is coming back for another go once he has done some more training!

‘It’s just a bit of fun but we wanted to add something to the cafe and it has got people talking.

“The contestants have brought some spectators along so there has been a good atmosphere.

“Our burgers are about the most popular food we sell so we thought we’d create this super size one. But I think it is the chips that has defeated most people.

“You have one hour to clear the plate by consuming all food and keeping it all down till meal is finished, no toilet break (supervised fag break allowed/ walk about allowed), no honking up and no helping from others,’ she added.

Eating challenges have become more popular in Britain after being brought over here from America by the top TV show Man V Food hosted by Adam Richman.

Venue and challenge details from 02380 869881 or



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