To celebrate the festive period, we bring you the best ten stories of 2014, posted up on each of the last ten days of the year.


RUDD wonder venue Buckland Lake Reserve – the finest water for the species since Elstow Carp Syndicate in the 1990s – has a new best after top all-rounder Neill Stephen recorded a 4 lb giant.

As Angler’s Mail magazine revealed, the complex at Cliffe in Kent is tipped to smash the long-standing rudd record  by some margin and even go over the 5 lb barrier. As noted on the British record coarse fish list, the crown still rests with Simon Parry at 4 lb 10 oz caught in in Northern Ireland back in 2001.

Dozens and dozens of 3 lb-plus rudd have already been caught at Buckland, and the newly formed 56-acre syndicate lake could also throw up surprises of other species.

Fishery manager Scott Tovell told Angler’s Mail: “It hasn’t really been fished for the past 20 years so there’s a lot of unknown quantity about what is in there.

“Obviously the rudd grow huge and I’m convinced it will produce a British record but I know there are 30 lb-plus pike as well.

“And the carp fishing is exciting although nothing big has been caught yet they have been seen and we’ve got a couple of good carpers going to give it a go,” he added.

Neill’s super specimen tops an already impressive year to the publicity-shy angler who only reported the rudd as a favour to Scott.

Willesden, North West London-based Neill said: “It has been a great season for me so far with seven double-figure tench and my first UK 50 lb carp in the spring from Wellington Country Park (Berkshire) but this topped the lot!

“I have one thing to say about the capture: I just got very lucky! I can’t attribute any skill or hard work to it.

“It was taken in the early morning on float fished corn in the margins using a size 14 Drennan wide gape hook as a 4 lb hook to nylon, loaded Crystal waggler, 4 lb Super Specialist main line and a Drennan IM8 specimen float rod.

“We weighed it on three different sets of scales and it registered 4 lb exactly on all three. It came after fish of 2 lb 14 oz, 2 lb 15 oz and 3 lb 2 oz and numerous smaller fish.”

The £500 syndicate on the main lake is now full – but anybody can fish the £10 day ticket lake where there’s still a good chance of a 3 lb rudd. Venue latest: 01634 220005.



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