To celebrate the festive period, we bring you the best ten stories of 2014, posted up on each of the last ten days of the year.

FLOODS, snow and ice might be the biggest headache for most winter anglers but Angler’s Mail has found Britain’s first INDOOR fishery!

The ingenious scheme is run up in Lancashire just outside Preston by junior coaching experts Cast North West.

Housed inside a gigantic greenhouse, they have a canal-type commercial pool running along the inside of the rectangular building and have stocked it with carp, roach, bream and barbel and it has given hauls to nearly 90 lb.

The pool is alongside others that are outside in the open, dedicated to providing educational and recreational facilities for disabled, disadvantaged, excluded and disaffected young people and their carers.

Bagging at the indoor northern fishery - one the of the most eye-catching fishing stories of 2014.

Bagging at the indoor northern fishery – one the of the most eye-catching fishing stories of 2014.

Project co-ordinator and founder Neil Farnworth explained: ‘Cast enables and empowers people regardless of their economic circumstances to participate in and enjoy the natural environment around them through their involvement in fishing.

‘Cast North West is unique to angling development due to the angling being completed indoors or outdoors. The indoors allows Cast to continue to use angling as a tool to engage young people back into education.

‘We aim to: provide personal and social development opportunities; Improve achievement in education and employment: and divert young people from crime and anti-social behaviour,’ added Neil.

An indoor fishery was first thought up and planned by the late Terry Freeman at Bedfordshire’s Tingrith Fishery over 30 years ago. He sadly passed away before getting his dream was built but the fishery is still a thriving venue.

Indoor fishing is popular in the far east in countries like Japan and South Korea and it is not unusual for some restaurants to have small ponds where you can catch your meal with a small pole.

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