VASTLY experienced English duo Lee Jackson and Tim Paisley plus Benji Petutshnig-Fisherlauser won the prestigious 2017 World Carp Classic.

Former British carp record holder Lee Jackson and Nutrabaits co-founder Tim Paisley used all their expertise to help winkle out three huge carp at France’s huge windswept Lad De Madine.

They had two over 50 lb and one over 40 lb for a 72 kg 200 gr overall weight to share the £15,000 cheque.

The trio also picked up £2,000 of personalised Dynamite boilies, unique golden Reuben Heaton scales, WileyX sunglasses, Lowrance fish finders and equipment amongst a host of prizes.

Legered boilies at extreme range did the trick for the trio who beat over 100 entries from 22 countries.

Tim Paisley on how they won it

Tim, from Preston, Lancashire, revealed: “The swim was not accessible from the mainland so you go out by boats.

“We had to face 60 mile per hour gale-force winds whipping across the front of our peg 76 swim and had two days of torrential rain added to that.

“With those cross-winds just putting a bait out at 300 yards is a two-man exercise, as is landing a fish.”

Lee Jackson shows one the heavyweights… over 50 lb in English pounds.

Tim continued: “Jacko’s amazing 8 pm and 3 am final night brace of 25 kg and 21.17 kg fish which took us from eighth place to winning by around three kilos.

“The euphoria and memories will live with me forever.

“Lee’s already had some finest hours, but to me this has to be his finest ever.

“Madine had treated us a tad cruelly over the years, but not this time! These are tough events,” he concluded.

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