ONE of the best specimen perch catches has been made with three giant stripys during a lure competition.

Tony Chesworth (pictured) took the top honours with a 5 lb 7 oz giant, with Lee Garner also bagging a five with one of 5 lb exactly. And Dan Scales chipped in with a 4 lb 12 oz sample.

They all came from the same lake at Gloucestershire’s Cotswold Water Park in the event run by Cotswold Angling Centre who are keeping the water secret… for now.

Event organiser Trevor Gunning, who raised £280 for the Racing Welfare charity, was not surprised at the specimens.

Trevor explained: “The lake isn’t fishable at the moment but should be opening soon but I know of people ‘guesting’ it so I new the potential.

“But to be fair there are probably six lakes within Cotswold Water Park that could produce a British record perch.

Tony Chesworth, who has had lure caught bass to 8 lb 8 oz and wrasse to 7 lb, was chuffed with the 5 lb 7 oz giant. It beat his old PB perch of 4 lb from Chew Valley.

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