A DISILLUSIONED carp angler returned to lake fishing after a spell sea angling and notched an amazing trio with almost simultaneous takes.

Spencer Wright kicked off with a 49 lb 9 oz linear carp and then five minute later had a joint take from a 50 lb 8 oz mirror (pictured above) and 39 lb 7 oz leather.

Binstead, Isle of Wight-based Spencer was on his local Monks Pool syndicate.

The 43-year-old senior designer said: “To be honest I’d lost the buzz for carping since last summer after pursuing them for the best part of 30 years.

“I had thrown myself into a fresh challenge of beach angling as the local lakes were becoming more and more busy. When I did feel the urge to go, I would struggle for a spot, so was happier to go ray hunting rather than making up the numbers.

“It was only recently that I noticed that Monks wasn’t being overly pressured and could see an opportunity. I began baiting a few spots on a little and often basis, with various sizes of Sticky Baits Krill boilies.

Spencer’s big linear carp was one of three heavyweights.

“I hadn’t fished it purposely for a couple of years as I knew a friend was fishing it and was keen to stay away and leave him to it.

“I was hoping to get down and do 24 hours on Good Friday and was pleased that only myself and friend Jack were present. I managed to get into my swim and quickly get three rods on the spots, along with a handful of chopped and whole washed out freebies.

“The odd fish was seen topping out, all up my end so I was hopeful of a bite. Soon all hell broke out…”

Huge carp hat-trick within an hour

Spencer continued: “My right hand rod ripped off and after a spirited fight I netted the highly sort after Linear – a fish that avoided capture for two years and went 49 lb 9 oz, a new PB.

“Within five minutes, my middle rod which was fished, washing line style, off the far bank smashed over and once again I was in!

I wasn’t expecting the lakes other giant to be laying on my mat so shortly afterwards! The fish was Boxer at 50 lb 8 oz, a fish that was uncaught for three years.

Spencer admires his 39 lb 7 oz leather carp.

“Before we had a chance to do anything, my last rod ripped off and again a fish charged off, making huge 40 yard runs and another big fish, Lee’s Leather resting in the other net, alongside Boxer.

“Three huge fish in a little over an hour had completely blown me away and I was struggling to take the events in!” he concluded.

All three giant carp came to a 14 mm air-dried Krill bottom bait with a 12 mm Krill White One fished snowman style.

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