THE best-ever period of big tench has culminated in the fourth 14 lb-plus tinca in as many weeks!


There hadn’t been a genuine 14-pounder reported for five years… but like buses, three have come along almost at once and latest captor Stuart Harbour was chuffed with his 14 lb 4 oz specimen from a Colne Valley pit.

Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire-based Stuart was fishing a nut pop-up boilie on a multi rig 65 yards out on top of a plateau.

The 49-year-old decorator said: “It was a surprise when I saw it as I’ve never even seen a tench approaching this size and it nearly doubled my personal best.

“I’d put out a bed of particles and boilies but it was my only run of the session.

“Gary Newman witnessed it and photographed it as he was fishing on the lake and he was thrilled it had come out,” added Stuart.

The run of giant tench in early summer 2015 has meant a re-writing of the nation’s biggest tench list.

The heaviest newcomer, 14 lb 12 oz, fell to Korum ace Dai Gribble using specialist tench tactics at a southern lake. Two others carpers on boilies and follows a 14 lb 11 oz fish to Chris Bromley from Abbotts Lake in Hertfordshire last week and a 14 lb 8 oz tench to Chris Jacob from Berkshire’s Tippings Lane.

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