THE arctic conditions have continued across Britain with temperatures plunging so much many rivers totally froze over, and are only thawing now thanks to a temporary milder spell this week.

Flowing waters across the north and east were particularly hit hard with parts of venues like the River Severn, River Ribble and Great Ouse totally covered.

Even the massive stillwaters in the Lake District were all frozen, bar Windermere, and vast pike mecca Chew Valley in the West Country. It all meant there was little quality sport to be found.

There’s more snow forecast for this week, leading into Christmas, in a winter that is already on course to be the coldest for 120 years.

There are predictions that even the mighty Thames might even freeze if this harsh winter weather continues.

Grab a copy of this week’s bumper Angler’s Mail magazine, out December 21, for the latest.

The late 1800s, and an incredibly cold winter resulted in the River Thames freezing. Many rivers have already been hit by ice this winter... so how bad can it get?