DEADLY Koi Herpes Virus and other fish killers could soon be eliminated by a super-strong disinfectant called Steri-7 Xtra.

Two weeks ago, we ran a news special looking the destruction that the KHV virus has been causing across the country, although so far this year there have been fewer cases, largely due to the cooler summer that we’ve had.

Since then there have been two more cases notified to CEFAS – Washing Pool, in Worcestershire, and Thornborough Pond, in Northumberland.

The notifiable virus has a very high mortality rate and a lot of the incidents are spread from infected fish, but it is also possible to transfer it via angling equipment such as landing nets, weigh slings and unhooking mats.

A lot of fisheries have become more aware of this problem and install net dips that anglers have to use before fishing, but often the disinfectant being used in them is ineffective, or needs changing far more regularly than it is.

Mick Barnes has been involved in both fisheries and the angling trade – he ran CEMEX Angling and worked for Wychwood – and is the sole UK sale agent for Steri-7 that has now been added to the government’s Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science official list of tested and approved products.

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