SUMMER chub don’t come much bigger than the 8 lb 4 oz monster Steve Saddington caught from the Great Ouse.

Tackling a stretch near Bedford, the Verulum AC fisheries officer had already banked two chub before the big ‘un picked up his mini boilie hookbait.

Steve explained: “I arrived at the river around 4.30pm and spotted six chub, two of which looked very big and one that looked huge!

“The water was gin clear and I knew that if I cast in a bait they would spook so I watched them for half-an-hour, then threw in some freebies and decided to return after dark.

“I cast in at 10pm and the rod went round instantly with a fish of 4 lb 4 oz, which I returned further upstream, and then had another of 5 lb 6 oz and did the same thing.

“I then had nothing for 45 minutes when the rod slammed round and the ‘snag’ that I was attached to started to move!

“The fight was incredible and four times the fish came close to the net only to scream off again, and when she finally went in the net I couldn’t believe the size of her.

“I can only imagine what the fish will weigh if caught in the winter. I was anxious to get it back in the water so after weighing and one quick ‘selfie’ I nursed the fish until she swam off strongly.”

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