It’s more bad news for carp fans and caring anglers of all kinds…

The Black Mirror, a highly prized resident of Colnemere, AKA “The Mere”,  near West London’s Heathrow Airport, was widely reported on internet forums to have died. And the story in  Angler’s Mail (issue cover-dated August 31, 2010)  gets to the bottom of it all.

Many other fish, including an even bigger common carp, plus big tench and eels are also said to have died.

Fishing at the big former gravel pit has always been highly controverial, as it’s in a tightly protected wetland nature area – a Site of Special Scientific Interest, Special Protection Area and RAMSAR site. Some anglers have in the past been prosecuted for being there.

The dark, classic-looking British fish first shot to attention of the press in 1992 when Jason Hayward – caught it at 46 lb – 5 lb 8 oz short of the then British record. Jason won the Cobra Cup, awarded back then for previously “unknown” giants. Back then the water was run on a syndicate basis, but the syndicate later closed and no fishing was allowed.

Its last capture was a few weeks ago at 51 lb 12 oz. Several big names have landed the giant, and to do so is reckoned to be one of carping’s biggest challenges, just as Two Tone was.

Angler’s Mail is aware that rumours of The Black Mirror’s death have surfaced in the past. But this time it’s quite different.

An angler who spoke to someone who discovered the Black Mirror, reported: ‘Sad day, not just the BM …. looks like every single swimming thing in the lake dead. From fry to the big carp … record sized eels and tench included.  The BM was buried before the EA was contacted. The big common was bigger than the BM. Dead fish bleeding profusely.’

Full report and pictures appeared in Angler’s Mail magazine’s issue cover-dated August 31, 2010.

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